What is Spring MVC?

Spring MVC is a Java framework which is used to build web applications. It follows the model-view-controller design pattern, not just that it also implements all the basic features of core spring framework like inversion of control, dependency injection. Spring MVC provides us a dignified solution to use MVC in the spring framework with the help of a dispatcher servlet. Now you must be thinking “What is dispatcher servlet?”. So, dispatcher servlet is a class that receives the incoming requests and maps it to the right resource such as controller,model and view.

Spring framework is used to remove dependencies from our programs and to reduce boilerplate code as much as possible. Before Spring framework EJB was in use but because of its complexity, programmers switched to Spring. Don’t worry, we will look at all the features of spring framework in this blog such as Dependency Injection, IOC etc.


If you want to learn spring framework, then you should know about beans. In spring, beans are nothing but the objects that you wanted in your application, the only difference is that these beans are not instantiated by yourself, they are instantiated and assembled…

What are servlets?

It can be described in many ways, like it’s a technology which is used to create web application. It is a class that extends the capabilities of the servers and responds to the incoming requests, that is it can respond to any kind of requests and servlet is a web component that is deployed on the server to create a dynamic web page.

This meme is funny 😆 right?. Well, I know that some of you are not able to get the sense out of this meme, let’s see if you can understand this meme after reading this blog.

What is Flexbox?

Flexbox is a part of CSS, it was added in CSS 3, in 2011. It helps to align the elements and distributing space around the element on a web page. There is more to it than this, which you will see further in this blog.

Why we need Flexbox?

Have you ever wondered, how the same website that you are viewing in laptop and on your smartphone fits…

A lot of people often get confused between flexbox and grit layout.So, the main difference between flexbox and grid layout is that flexbox is for one-dimensional layouts as in you can change column or a row at a time, whereas grid layout is two-dimensional, and you can change column and rows simultaneously.

Its hard to explain this through words, so I am gonna use code to explain this to you.

Grit in action

As of now we have this html code and web preview to start with :


Now what if want to have these two divisions side by side. Then first…

Data in the database is stored in terms of enormous quantity, retrieving certain data will be a tedious task if the data is not organized correctly. We can achieve all this with the help of normalization, and also reduce the redundant data. The technical definition could be :

The systematic approach of decomposing the table in order to eliminate anomalies is referred as Normalization. It is a multi-step process that puts data into tabular form removing the duplicated data from its relational tables.

Two purpose of Normalization

1. It is used to eliminate repeated data, having repeated data in the system not only makes…

Whenever a person starts using Collection framework, the first thing that comes in his mind is “which collection to use?”. So, in this blog we are gonna understand, when to use a particular collection.

So, the first thing we need to consider is :- do you want a list, a set or a map, because those are the three main groupings of collections in java.


  1. They store lists of objects, you can think of it like a shopping list.
  2. Duplicates are allowed at lists you can have the same item down twice, just like you can in a a shopping…

What is Space Complexity?

Space Complexity of an algorithm is the amount of memory it needs to run and compile the program. It specifies the amount of temporary storage required for running the algorithm.

Why Should we care about space complexity?

If the problem or the input is small then you will not probably notice it, but when the input is big, then you will realize how much of a role, space complexity plays in your program. …

A kid got nervous when he was asked about OOP concept.

First of all, we need to know “what does object orientation means?”, we will deal with the programming part later. The object orientation stands for seeing the world as a collection of objects.

5 Rules of Object Orientation:-

  1. The whole world is a collection of objects.
  2. No object is a useless object. Every object is a useful object.
  3. Every object is in constant interaction with each other. The objects are not in isolation.
  4. Every object belongs to a type, that type we technically called as a class. A class is a blueprint it doesn't exist in reality, what exists, in reality, are the objects.
  5. Every…

Dumbledore committing his magic spells on Git.

What is this blog about?

This blog is for both type of people :

  1. Who knows how to use Git.
  2. Who doesn’t know how to use Git.

If you are first kind of the people, then you are just typing those git commands in your terminal to add,commit and alter your project data without even being sure that how this commands really work internally. I guess that is the case, right? Or else why would have you opened this blog, right ?😜.

And if you are second kind of people and just want to know how git works before learning the command, then you are…


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